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Examines the history of the powerful 458 inch Martini-Henry rifle which won lasting fame in the Anglo Zulu War.

Examines the history of the powerful 458 inch Martini-Henry rifle which won lasting fame in the Anglo Zulu War.

It is chambered in the rather burly.577.455 Martini Henry a.45 caliber roundnosed slug fitted into a neckeddown.577 Snider casing. Many shots have been heard around the world. seven groove rifled barrel sighted to 1300 yards action marked VR crowned BSA MCo 1885 . It has a 23 barrel 39 overall.

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A single shot rifle the Martini Henry utilizes a falling block action. Trials of the embryonic Martini Henry rifle began to take place in 1869with this pattern firing. Originally from 1889 MartiniHenry conversions used Metford rifled barrels and were known as MartiniMetford rifles which were more. British MartiniHenry Rifles from the Kingdom of Nepal. Single shot rifle fans and amateur gunsmiths welcomed this interesting rifle and began purchasing them for their collection for shooting for rechambering or remodelingor just to get their. I am selling a British Mk II Martin Rifle that came out of the Nepalese Cache. History of the.577450 MartiniHenry. The British military MartiniHenry MartiniMetford and MartiniEnfield rifles and carbines. Original Item These are 100 genuine British Manufactured MartiniHenry Rifles from our 2003 acquisition of historical firearms from the palace of Lagan . Unlike the SniderEnfield it replaced it was Englands first service rifle designed from the ground up as a breechloading metallic cartridge firearm. The MartiniHenry rifle was 54 inches long with a barrel length of 33.2 inches. The MartiniHenry rifle is one of the weapons featured in the 2016 video game Battlefield 1. Martini Henry Single Shot.22 Rifles. Featuring a singleshot breechloading design it remained in active use for 30 years. Many Mark IV rifles were converted from EnfieldMartini.402 second pattern rifles and thus had no provision for mounting a socket bayonet. The Martini Henry MkII carbine was an economical conversion and was to be used for many years not only as an excellent stop gap arm for the Garrison Artilliery . Shooting and discussing an original British MartiniHenry rifle Please check out and support the people who help make. A formidable.577450 bottlenecked. MartiniHenry rifle.

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